Monday, February 11, 2008

A whodunit of the heart.....

The abortionist's daughterA "whodunit of the heart" is the phrase that April Smith uses in her review of Elisabeth Hyde's The Abortionist's Daughter. 2006. In this novel from our mystery collection, Ms. Hyde has taken a "powerful moral predicament and constructed around it a richly layered, compulsively readable novel about a murder in a small Colorado town, about the choices we make and the way their unintended consequences ripple through our lives." Two weeks before Christmas, Diana Duprey, an outspoken abortion doctor is found dead, floating in her swimming pool. Suspects abound, from those close to home (Frank, husband and local attorney and daughter Megan, a college freshman) to those philosophically opposed to others with secrets unrevealed. This page-turner keeps one guessing as it does the detective on the case, who of course, has his own story.

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