Thursday, February 21, 2008

Star Wars

The library has always been Star Wars Central for fans of any and all of its manifestations. We have the films; we have the soundtracks; we have novels from the 35+ authors who are keeping the adventure alive and happening. We have guides for the perplexed and guides for the obsessed and guides for artists, scientists, collectors, and linguists.

And now ... now ... be still my beating heart ... now, we have:

When this book came in, our Acquisitions Manager thought perhaps it should be in the Childrens' Department. No! This book is for the original, true fans of Star Wars to enjoy after the grandchildren are safely tucked away in bed. Not for little jam-smeared fingers, this exceptional example of moveable artistry has fold-outs and pop-ups and pop-ups within pop-ups. The centerpiece is, of course, Darth Vadar rising! A treasure-trove for fans, this is a book to be slowly explored and enjoyed.

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