Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh

The Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh is the person who could leave the palace grounds to investigate murders, smuggling, tomb desecrations, and various other crimes. Two of our mystery series feature the Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh. The first, by Lynda Robinson, features Lord Meren, the Eyes and Ears of Tutankhamen. These six mysteries are well-written and historically accurate -- so not only do you get to sleuth through ancient Egypt but also learn history as well. The second series is by P.C. Doherty, better known for his medieval England and Canterbury Tales mystery series. His ancient Egypt series also features the Chief Judge, Lord Amerotke, during the reign of Queen Hatusu (Hatshepsut). Doherty is the consummate professional when it comes to writing historical mystery novels. All his series are fascinating, but I find the ten set in ancient Egypt to be my favorites.

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